Sonik Electro Stimulation Massage Therapy
Warning:andlt;br /andgt;Current must never flow through the heart. Do not use if you have a pacemaker are pregnant if you suffer from epilepsy or on any broken or inflamed skin.andlt;br /andgt;andlt;br /andgt;Massera Sonik Electro Stimulation Massager Therapy. Art of Swedish massage. This handheld massage unit is ideal for stimulating and toning tired overworked muscles via electro muscle stimulation. With Sonik you now have the ability to tone up to four areas simultaneously! The Sonik Massage System brings the convenience of toning and massage into your home. While in use this handy device will stimulate and relax muscles and relieve tension and stress. This revolutionary handheld device has been designed to mimic the nerve signals of the body and repeat this cycle again and again. With 8 pulse patterns and 10 speeds delivering a relaxing massage in the convenience of your home has never been so easy! Each pad sticks easily to the skin with a light adhesive and are reusable. Material: Plastic rubber. Color: Blue. TENs stimulator requires 2 AAA batteries included. Category: Electrosex Gear Massera Electrosex Power Boxes XR Brands Massera Sonik Electro Stimulation Massager from XR Brands.
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